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Our FAQ has the answers to many MailToFile questions. For questions regarding specific functionalities, please visit the Features page or take a look at the Screenshots of our software.

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MailToFile is an email archiving program for MS Outlook. MailToFile enables you to file an email outside Outlook to a location of your choice.
MailToFile is currently available in the following languages:

  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • English
  • French (Français)
  • German (Deutsch)


You can use MailToFile in the following ways:

  • by clicking the MailToFile button on the toolbar
  • In the menu via File >  MailToFile
  • In an opened email, by clicking the MailToFile button

You can also check out our Screenshots page to see what MailToFile looks like.

MailToFile works directly from Outlook, you can file one email, a range of selected emails or an entire Outlook folder.

To get an impression of the MailToFile interface, please head over to the Screenshots page.

Prices for MailToFile start at $19. All Pricing information can be found in our Pricing table.


MailToFile runs under:

  • MS Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 (32 bits), 2013 (32 bits) and 2016 (32 bits);
  • Microsoft Windows (32 and 64 bits):
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8 and 8.1
    • Windows 7
    • Older Windows versions: Vista, XP, 2000 and 98
  • MailToFile can be installed on Citrix Terminal Server;
  • MailToFile is independent from the language of Windows and Office;
  • MailToFile is not available for Outlook Express and Mac Computers.
MailToFile is an add-in for MS Outlook and must be installed on the same machine where Outlook is installed or via a Citrix Server. Installation of MailToFile can be done either through an msi-file, a set up installation program, or manually by copying and registering files.

Please close Microsoft Outlook before downloading and installing MailToFile. Open the downloaded installation-file and installation will start automatically. After installation you’lll have two new buttons in the Outlook toolbar: MailToFile and FileOpen.

Questions about the installation? Please contact Support.

MailToFile can be easily be uninstalled. In the configuration menu select Add/Remove programs. You will see a list of all installed programs. Select MailToFile and click Remove. Always close Outlook before installing or uninstalling MailToFile. After uninstalling MailToFile, the archived messages can still be opened with Outlook.
The file name is configured automatically by MailToFile from the “subject”, the sender- or receivers name and date/time. When you file one email, you can change the subject which is used configuring the file name. When you file more emails at once it is not possible to change the file name, MailToFile uses the subject of the email.
Yes it does. MailToFile can be installed on a Citrix environment so all clients can easliy use the Outlook add-in.

Options and settings

This feature is only available in the MailToFile full version. All emails in a selected Outlook folder (or entire pst-file), including subfolders, are filed in the directory structure. Subdirectories are made automatically. Naming is identical to the Outlook folders.
In the Outlook toolbar you will find a button named FileOpen for easy reading and opening of archived emails.
The Legacy feature enables you to rename earlier filed emails to the MailToFile standard. This feature is only available in the MailToFile Full version. Legacy scans selected directories. All msg-files will be filed again, date and time are set (sent- or received date and time), the filenames will be reconfigured. Emails filed without MailToFile will now be filed according to the MailToFile standard.
MailToFile provides two shortcuts: You can use ALT-M for saving emails and ALT-P for opening emails.
Yes, you can. By default MailToFile files emails with all attachments included, but you’ll always have the option to file attachments separately.
The version of your MailToFile can be found in the Help menu inside Outlook, by clicking Info MailToFile.


Please contact our Support Team for questions regarding custom MailToFile features.
You can contact Support by visiting the Support page.
When installed, you can enter your registration key through the Outlook menu via MailToFile menu > More > Info MailToFile > Register.

Please download and install MailToFile Free first.